Estimate paint requirements

Use the table below to estimate how much paint to order. Count the total number of individual cabinet doors (exclude drawer fronts). Count extra tall doors (over 36” tall) as two. Estimates are based on average use when applied by roller or brush and include loss of paint in clean up between coats. Loss of paint when applied by sprayer is not factored into these estimates.

Door count



31- 45

Qty. Estimate

1 qt.

2 qts.

3 qts.

Color: Bright White.  Contents: 31 fl. oz
Approximate coverage per can:
50 square feet with two coats.
$24.95 ea.

Contents:  Two premium 4” foam roller covers, one roller frame, one 7” wide paint tray and one 1-½” polyester/nylon angular sash brush

Only $10.99/kit

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Cabinet Refacing in a Can

Applicator Kit

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