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Painting laminated Kitchen Cabinets and list of recommended application tools and paint sundries

   * Mount door and drawer pulls. Handle all painted surfaces carefully during the first 10 days as the paint reaches it's final hard cure. Avoid hard cleanings with detergents during the first 30 days. Most smudges can be removed with a diluted solution of liquid dish cleaning soap.

Painting kitchen cabinets made from solid wood (not laminated) that may have an original factory applied lacquer or varnish finish or have been previously painted with an enamel

1. Follow all of the recommendations listed above for laminated surfaces to identify and number door locations, cleaning, dulling the surfaces by sanding and protecting walls and ceilings.

2. Chips in wood requiring repair prior to painting should be filled with an appropriate wood filler, sanded smooth and primed to avoid blemishes from showing through the final paint job.

3. All stained and/or bare wood surfaces previously coated with shellac, varnish, lacquer or polyurethane must be primed with a stain blocking primer BEFORE applying Cabinet Rescue®. A pigmented (white) oil/alkyd based primer is recommended.

DO NOT use a shellac based stain blocking primer under Cabinet Rescue® as it may cause "cracking" in the finish coat.

4. Allow the primer to dry THOROUGHLY, then sand smooth before proceeding to apply the first coat of Cabinet Rescue®. Do not sand "through" the primer as to expose underlying shellac or lacquer finishes as this will cause the finish coat to crack in those areas.

5. All previously painted or enameled wood surfaces should be tested for compatibility. Apply Cabinet Rescue® over a small test area first. If Cabinet Rescue® crawls, cracks or dries to an irregular sheen then priming with an oil based stain blocking primer is required. Prime, let primer dry and sand to a smooth finish before proceeding.

6. Apply Cabinet Rescue® as per label instructions by using a brush, roller or combination of both to achieve the best and even coverage.


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